limestone stone tiles

Limestone, one of the most common used kinds of sedimentary rock, is found all over the world. The vast majority of limestone is made from marine deposits – plant, animal and other organic matter – which was deposited on the ocean floor millions of years ago and was compressed by the weight of the water itself. This is what gives limestone its fantastic variety in colour and impressive shell and fossil detailing.

Limestone tiles can be found in an enormous range of colours that include greys and blacks, greens and blues, yellows, browns and of course off whites. In fact there will be a limestone tile to suit any colour theme of your home.

Limestone flooring can come with several different surface finishes to give different looks to your project.

Honed – smooth surface with square cut tiles edges.

Tumbled – worn, rustic tiles with distressed tile edges.

Brushed – a slight surface texture.

Antiqued – a term used for various distressing methods to achieve a worn look.

Although limestone tiles are suitable for flooring and other installations, it is not as hard as other natural stones. It can get scratched by metal furniture legs and will need slightly more maintenance to keep looking at its best by deep cleaning and re-sealing every few years.

The Stone Tile Emporium offers both limestone flooring and limestone tiles for a variety of purposes.