Moleanos limestone floor

This week we have been installing a Moleanos beige limestone floor into a new kitchen extension in Guildford. The new screed had water underfloor heating fitted so we installed Ditra matting direct to the screed to allow for any movement caused due to expansion. This was then covered in a fibre reinforced self levelling latex to help add strength and give a flat surface to tile on to.

The Moleanos beige limestone is very dense and hard wearing, making it perfect for use in a family kitchen. Its also very uniform in colour which helps to give a seamless appearance and a contemporary look. These tiles are 600mm x 400mm in size and were fitted in a classic brick bond pattern. We then applied several coats of a stain blocking sealer to the tiles to protect them from spillages and family wear and tear. The grout colour is very close to the tile colour which helps to make the floor look larger.

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