slate stone tiles

Slate is very a durable and stain resistant natural stone which makes it a great choice for flooring. It is ideal for use in high traffic areas and in places where spillages are likely – kitchens, utility rooms and bathrooms. It shows very little sign of wear even after several years of use and has been quarried in many different tile sizes – from small mosaic tiles to very large tiles which can be installed to create beautiful, intricate designs that make eye catching designs wherever it is used. Because of the surface texture of slate, it is naturally slip resistant even when wet and can be used for commercial applications and to form external paths and patios.

Depending on where the slate is quarried, the tiles can come in an impressive choice of colours with a surface that adds a rustic feel to any project. The colours are generally dark with varying shades of grey and black but can also be sourced in purple, green or with an orange rust coloured detailing. Slate tiles can also be purchased in black and grey with a smooth honed finish to give a very contemporary feel to any project.

The Stone Tile Emporium provide both slate flooring and high quality slate tiles suitable for a variety of applications.