Slate Tiles

The Stone Tile Emporium can supply and fit top quality slate tiles for a variety of installations to homes and properties across Surrey, Kent and Sussex. Whether you’d like slate tiles for your kitchen, bathroom or even for a decorative feature in your lounge, we’ve got the perfect slate tiles for your project.

Slate tiles are ideal for a whole host of practical applications thanks to their excellent durability and range of quality finishes, with a whole host of options available in terms of colour and style. Suitable for homes of all types, precision cut slate tiles can add a touch of real class to a property, whether rustic and traditional or more contemporary and modern. And what’s more they require minimum upkeep due to their strength and durability so even after many years will retain their original shine, showing barely any signs of the usual wear and tear.

If your home in Kent, Sussex or Surrey is in need of high quality slate tiling, for decorative or practical purposes, get in touch with the Stone Tile Emporium today and find out what a difference this beautiful stone can make to your property.

The Stone Tile Emporium also provide slate flooring.