Stone Flooring Surrey

Natural stone has been used as flooring for centuries and with very good reason. Stone by nature is an incredibly durable material. Stone is very hard wearing, easy to care for and when installed professionally is the perfect choice for either domestic or commercial projects. The variation in colours and textures along with the quality and warmth present in natural stone flooring will add to any project and cannot be replicated by modern ceramic or porcelain tiles. No two stone floors will ever look exactly the same as each piece of stone is truly unique.

Here at The Stone Tile Emporium we understand stone and know how to achieve the best possible finish for your project.  Based in Reigate, Surrey our installation team covers most of the South East of England.

Stone Flooring

There are hundreds of choices for flooring available, but the use of natural stone flooring is arguably the most durable and desirable. Imagine the elegance and glamour natural stone will add to your project. No matter which stone is used in your project, its beauty is timeless. Bringing a piece of nature into your home as a flooring solution is far more organic and environmentally friendly than purchasing laminate flooring or carpet. Natural stone flooring should always be an option because the look never goes out of style whereas laminate, carpet and wood floors either become unfashionable or are replaced or repaired every few years.

The Stone Tile Emporium can provide a range of natural stone flooring to compliment any project. Every stone is different and has different properties and attributes suitable for different rooms of the home. It’s important to buy your stone from a company who knows the material and can advise you on which stone is best suited to your project. All our staff are passionate about stone and will be happy to answer any questions you might have.