Travertine kitchen floor

Our client had laminate flooring installed in their new kitchen extension but after only 18 months it was starting to look worn and tatty. They decided a more hard wearing and luxurious floor covering was needed but was not sure of the best option for a family kitchen that has to cope with everyday family life. After our initial site visit and consultation, the client decided to totally replace the existing floor with a more striking large format classic travertine tile and asked us to complete the works.

We started off by removing and disposing of the existing laminate flooring and insulation. Once we uncovered the sub-floor it was obvious that there was far too much bounce and flex for tiling so we would need to strengthen the sub-floor. To achieve this we glued and screwed Hardie Backer Cement boards to the sub-floor in a brick pattern and allowed to dry. Once dry, we then applied Ditra matting anti movement membrane. This de-coupling membrane allows for slight movement between tiles and the sub-floor due to seasonal climate changes. A skim of  fibre reinforced latex was then applied to give a flat surface suitable to tile onto.

The large travertine tiles were then laid in a standard grid pattern and the chose a grout colour to blend in with the tile which gives a seamless appearance. The tiles were sealed with a colour intensifying sealer to bring out the colours present and then a final coat of stain block was applied.

WOW what a difference it has made to the overall feel of the room. This kitchen has now become the hub of the house with a hard wearing and functional floor making it suitable for day to day family life but also a glamorous room with a feel of luxury making it perfect for entertaining and parties.

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