travertine stone tiles

Travertine is a sedimentary rock that belongs to the limestone family. It has been formed due to calcium carbonate materials precipitating from hot springs over millions of years. The characteristic of travertine is the pitted holes and troughs on the surface. These holes are the result of gas bubbles being formed over millions of years.

Travertine tiles are sold with these bubbles and pitting either filled or unfilled.

There are three main types of travertine tiles –


  • Filled and honed
  • Filled and polished
  • Tumbled and unfilled

Filled and honed travertine tiles have the pitting and holes filled with a matching colour resin during production to give a smooth tile surface. These tiles normally come with straight edges and a matt finish.

Filled and polished travertine tiles are made exactly the same as above but rather than the matt finish they are polished to a high sheen. This helps to bounce light around the room.

Tumbled and unfilled tiles are a more natural, rustic tile with the surface pitting and imperfections left to add natural beauty. The tumbled finish gives the tiles a rounded edge and the surface of the tiles remain textured.