Victorian Tiling

Geometric patterned tiled floors started to appear in churches, public buildings and in higher class private dwellings of the UK during the 19th century. They became fashionable due to their use in prestigious buildings such as museums and so slowly the public started to follow the trend until they became a common fixture in ordinary Victorian houses, many of which are still visible today.

From pathways to kitchens, bathrooms and hallways, the wide variety of patterns and colours has meant that Victorian geometric tiling has made a come-back as people try to add some Victorian splendour to their homes. Although the cost of installing a geometric floor can be considerably higher in comparison to fitting laminate flooring or carpet, the stunning visual effect created cannot be beaten. Another point to consider is that the original Victorian tiled hallways and paths have survived over 100 years of family usage. Can this be said for most floor coverings you can buy today?

Due to the high cost of the tiles it is advisable to use a professional tiling company who can show a varied portfolio and are experienced in installing Victorian tiles and flooring. Many Victorian patterns contain over 100 different tiles per metre and come with difficult borders to incorporate into the design. Our installers take great pride when installing Victorian tiles, making sure every project is completed to the highest standards. Most projects are dry laid first, allowing us to make any design changes before the tiles are finally laid.